Meet The 4 Fathers Who Started It All

About Us

Steve Litteer, Certified Ganjier

As Founder and CEO of 4Fathers Organics I aim to share my passion and knowlege about craft cannabis and to enhance the customer experience at our Craft Hemp Dispensary & Boutique.  


In 2019 and 2020 I obtained  eight (8) certifications from Green Flower Academy, the nation’s leading cannabis training academy, and in 2021 I became one of the nation's 1st Certified Ganjier (Master of Cannabis Service/Cannabis Sommalier).


I previously served on the board of directors for the Rochester Chapter of NORML to lobby for reformed cannabis laws and to encourage education on the unique benefits of cannabis by curbing the stigma and the false information surrounding the plant. 

Drew Inzinna, General Manager

Growing up, both of my parents battled various drug addiction issues and that lead me to experimenting with cannabis products from age 13. Unfortunately, my mother died at the age of 50 from her dependence illness. That propelled me to take a deep dive into the cannabis industry and to really focus on providing quality options and guidance that is safe. Instead of focusing on profits, we really strive to help customers.


Jon Clark, Quality Control Manager  

In 2018 I was approached by Steve, the founder of 4Fathers Organics. He educated me on the emerging Hemp industry and shared his passion for change in our country and our community regarding Hemp.


We realized that our country was on the cusp of something huge. Hemp provides a wide array of uses for the plant. I began to research products and found that CBD in particular could change lives numerous ways .


At 4Fathers Organics, we believe in helping people. We built our business with that in mind. We focus more on people than profits. We provide the highest quality products at affordable prices. So please come see us at the store, find us at the market or reach out to us. We would love to see what CBD can do for you.

Seth & Ashley Strobel, Project Specialists & Brand Ambassadors 

Both Seth, and I grew up in Dansville, NY. Seth is longtime friends of Drew, and Steve.  Both Seth and I use CBD and we have been blown away on how well it works for the both of us, both physically and emotionally. 

You can occasionally find us filling in at the store, but most often, Seth and I are out there as 4Fathers Organics Brand Ambassadors preaching the good word about all the great things about 4Fathers Organics CBD. We also on occasion, work closely with Steve on special projects such as marketing, customer outreach and product development. 


We are both proud to be a part of the 4Fathers Organics team and proud to support its vision to help grow our local community in a natural and sustainable fashion, through its innovation of the only plant that can cloth us, feed us, heal us and house us, Hemp!