3 Common Misconceptions About CBD Oil That You Should to Stop Believing

3 Common Misconceptions About CBD Oil That You Should to Stop Believing

Posted by Steve Litteer, Founder & CEO of 4Fathers Organics, LLC on Sep 22nd 2021

The CBD industry is booming, and a majority of people today use, know or have heard about CBD. But an increasing popularity of CBD and its purported uses and benefits have also led to the emergence of numerous myths and misconceptions. While some of them may be seemingly harmless, it isn’t necessarily the case. The real harm is done when this misinformation falls in the hands of the uninformed as well as those who have the power to influence the lives of other. This is why we have decided to set things straight and clear some of these misconceptions.

  • CBD oil and hemp seed oil are the same: CBD oil and hemp seed oil are both derived from hemp, but they are not same in any way. CBD oil primarily comes from the leaves and flowers of the plant, while hemp oil is made only from the seeds. Additionally, unlike hemp oil, CBD oil is used for the beneficial effects offered by the cannabinoids.
  • CBD is illegal: CBD skeptics might tell you that using CBD is illegal. So long as the CBD is extracted from a hemp plant, the 2018 U.S. Farm Bill removed hemp and all of its derivatives (e.g., CBD) from the Controlled Substances Act. Things get a bit complicated when it comes to how CBD can be labeled and marketed in interstate commerce (much to our chagrin) but hemp-derived CBD in of itself, is not illegal.
  • All CBD is the same: No, not all CBD is created equal. Depending on the source plant, the quality of CBD may vary. Moreover, according to recent reports, CBD offered by some sellers might contain contaminants or false advertise the actual amount of CBD in the product, which is likely to lead to a less than desirable result. So, always ensure that you buy from a reputable source, that the product is all natural and/or USDA certified organic (the latter is preferred) and that 3rd party lab test results are immediately available to the consumer that verify safety and consistency of the product.

The key to finding the right CBD oil or any other CBD product is to educate yourself and avoid believing myths and misconceptions such as these.

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