Dansville NY - A “Mecca” of Alternative Health & Wellness

Dansville NY - A “Mecca” of Alternative Health & Wellness

Posted by Steven Litteer, Certified Ganjier on Dec 1st 2021

For those who might not know, Dansville NY is a legendary and historic town in our nation’s history. Not only did the infamous Civil War Nurse, Clara Barton, once live in the town of Dansville, but she also started the 1st Chapter of the American Red Cross in the town. Of course, that is not the only thing Dansville should be famous for. It is also the home of James C. Jackson (Mr. Jackson), a pioneer in alternative medicine, and founder of the original “The Castle on the Hill.”

Around Christmas time last year, I visited the Dansville Historical Society for the first time since I was a student in the Dansville school district, and I am very happy that I did. During my visit, I purchased a book called The Castles on the Hill by Ted Jackson which covers the entire history of the Castle on the Hill. Once I began reading it, I was so riveted, I couldn’t stop. So, next, let me share with you some of the things I learned from the book, although I do recommend you purchase a copy of your own.

In 1858, F. Willson Hurd & Company opened The Castle on the Hill for the purpose of facilitating water cures, with Mr. Jackson as “Physician-in-Chief.” A stream of fresh mineral spring water located on East Hill near the Castle was utilized by Mr. Jackson for this alternative health treatment. Bear in mind, this time period was far before modern medicine. In fact, most of the medicine given to people during this time period often made them sicker. Mr. Jackson encouraged the Castle residents to drink from what he called the “All Healing Spring” at least twice daily. Not to necessarily portray the spring water as medicinal, but rather, so the residents would be required to exercise by walking up the hill to drink from the spring.

As shown in the book, a typical patient’s day in the 1860s, among other things, would include assembly for lectures on Health or Prayer, Bathing & Holistic Treatments, Rest, Leisure and the Consumption of Nutritional Meals. Mr. Jackson was a prolific writer and in 1871 he published his best-known work titled, How to Cure the Sick without Medicine. Even more, the very first manufactured breakfast cereal, “Granula”, was invented by Mr. Jackson in 1863.

Now you might be asking yourself, what does any of this have to do with 4Fathers Organics, cannabis, or CBD? We acknowledge that we cannot hold a candle to the accomplishments of our hometown heroes. But, in a similar fashion, 4Fathers Organics is here to educate and introduce our community to an amazing plant that has improved the health, wellness, and quality of life of thousands of people across the nation. Much like the mineral spring water utilized by James Jackson, the cannabis plant was given to us by mother nature, not something we invented or cooked up in a lab. Similar to the minerals in the spring water, the cannabinoids, and terpenes primarily found in the female flower of the cannabis plant, work in unison with our body to promote nourishment and natural healing.

The core elements of the previously described daily routine at the Castle on the Hill were spiritual, medicinal, recreational, and dietary. Similarly, cannabis can be used spiritually, medicinally, recreationally, and as a supplement to our dietary routines. Despite its criminalization in the 1900s the plant has been utilized in such a manner since the time of ancient civilization. Those who have a negative reaction to the idea of cannabis being commonly used for these purposes, frankly, have been stigmatized during that time period of prohibition.

For over 80-years and until recently, there has been some form of cannabis prohibition in America. Meaning, most of the information about cannabis perpetrated during that time period was based on fear-mongering and false propaganda, not facts or science. So, understandably it will take some time to believe the newly discovered facts and science about cannabis until they’ve been adopted by the masses. Regardless of whether you are new to cannabis or someone with great familiarity, you can now consider 4Fathers Organics as a local and fresh resource of information about the often-misunderstood cannabis plant. We offer free, no sales pressure consultations to anyone who is looking to explore more about this wonderful plant. Simply because we are just as passionate about alternative medicine as Dansville’s own Mr. Jackson and Clara Barton.

James Jackson and Clara Barton were knowledgeable, passionate, innovative and pioneers with respect to their life-long pursuits that helped shape the definition of alternative health and wellness. Most admirable is how courageous they both were in their pursuit of what they felt was right, regardless of the issue’s popularity. Bear in mind that Mr. Jackson and Ms. Barton lived during an era where women had no rights and people of color were enslaved. Even though their motives were not popular amongst everyone in the country, both James and Clara were abolitionists and fought zealously for equal rights of women.

While it would be remarkable to accomplish anything close to that of James Jackson and Clara Barton, I bring a wealth of passion and knowledge about cannabis to our community. I, as CEO of 4Fathers Organics, am the 1st Certified Ganjier (Cannabis Sommelier) in the State of New York and I am not from New York City, Buffalo, Rochester, or Syracuse. I am from Dansville. As a Ganjier, it is my goal to be a pioneer in the emerging New York cannabis industry, to build community and to promote education, innovation, and opportunity around craft cannabis and cannabis culture with information that is backed by science and fact, not rhetoric. While it is understood that the new wave of cannabis legalization is not popular with everyone, just like our hometown heroes, I am a person who will always fight for what’s right, regardless of lingering stigmas.

The decision as to whether or not to engage in the consumption or the use of cannabis is between an American adult citizen and their own constitution. But by the true meaning of the U.S. Constitution, the government has no right to intrude on that decision. The government has had 80 years to justify cannabis prohibition and they have failed to do so. It is time for a change and that time is now - what better place to begin than the new “Mecca” of alternative health and wellness, than Dansville New York. As we say at 4Fathers Organics - Land of the Free, Home of the Hemp! Experience the freedom of all-natural healing with 4Fathers Organics craft hemp and CBD goods, today.