Things You Should Know Before Using a CBD Salve

Things You Should Know Before Using a CBD Salve

Posted by Steven Litteer, Certified Ganjier - Founder & CEO of 4Fathers Organics on Nov 24th 2021

Earlier, there weren’t many CBD products available in the market. Most of the companies were just selling oil or tinctures. Today, the market is full of different types of CBD products. You can get water-soluble softgels, gummies, energy drinks, vapes, CBD hemp flower, and even hemp-fiber clothing. If you’re new to the CBD world and struggling to narrow down on one particular product, we might advise you to go for CBD topicals, salves to be more precise.

CBD topical salves are often slightly more expensive than other products. That is because salves contain more ingredients such as pressed essential oils and other natural compounds in addition to the CBD. So, it would be best to use it as efficiently as you can when you get one. In this blog, we will explain how to use CBD salves properly. But before we get into that, let’s first learn a little about these highly effective topicals.

CBD Salve

Although many CBD topicals are available online, such as moisturizers, lotions, balms, and even beauty products, salves are a bit different because of their ingredients and specific applications. For example, 4Fathers Organics salves are all-natural as they are made from using organic beeswax, organic hemp-extract, organic eucalyptus essential oil, and organic lavender oil. Due to these ingredients, the salve’s texture is quite distinct, and its consistency is relatively stiff. In terms of application, they are pretty easy to use. You just need a take a little bit of salve, apply it to the desired area, and then massage it in. It can help with dry skin, bee stings, surface bruises and your achy muscles after a rigorous physical activity.

Steps To Properly Use CBD Salve

  1. Know The Area of Application - Do not use it as a body cream by applying it all over your body. Salves should be used on problem areas only. For example, you can apply it on the temples, joints, neck, and shoulders.
  2. Clean The Area Before Application - The desired area should first be cleaned and dried. Make sure you wash your hands as well. You need to do this because our skin is constantly in touch with bacteria and germs. Cleaning the target area and your hands before the application will keep these germs from getting in the way of salve. Drying the target area before use will prevent the salve from being diluted so that you can experience the maximum benefits that the product has to offer. After application, wash your hands as some salves contain either heating or cooling agents, which might make your hands feel a bit strange.
  3. A Little-Bit Goes A Long Way - It would be wrong to assume that the results will be quicker and better by applying more salve on the desired area. Apply a tiny amount on the target area and massage it thoroughly but slowly. Since CBD topical applications tend to produce effects quickly, if you feel nothing or fewer impact on the target area, apply more salve as needed.

If interested, you can buy CBD salves from 4Fathers Organics, a Craft CBD Dispensary & Boutique in Dansville, New York. You can get our top selling salve in 500mg and 1000mg formulas or if you are looking for an unscented and cost-conscious option with our 250mg CBD Salve Stick. All the ingredients in our salves are entirely organic, 3rd party-lab tested and of consistent quality.