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    cbdMD CBD Drink Powder Mix

    Available in flavors of Lemonade, Fruit-Punch, Peach & Kiwi-Strawberry 25mg of broad-spectrum CBD per packet Affordable & Convenient  Great for those who are on the go  Just poor powder mix in your water bottle and enjoy

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In case you are looking for affordable CBD drinks for sale, 4Fathers Organics got you covered. Here, you will find high-quality powder drink mix, which is perfect for people who are on a tight schedule and want to take CBD on the go. Why? Unlike the majority of CBD products on the market, which include CBD oil, our CBD drinks are completely water-soluble! You just need to pour the powder mix into a bottle or a glass filled with any water-based beverage, and you are all set.

You can choose from a lineup of four delicious fruit flavors, including fruit-punch, kiwi-strawberry, lemonade, and peach. All the flavors listed here should be able to satisfy even the most demanding taste buds, with the added wellness benefits that CBD drinks for sale have to offer. What is more, the drink mix is just 6 calories per packet, which means that you will not have to worry about those pesky excess calories.

Each packet contains about 25 milligrams of broad-spectrum CBD that comes strictly from hemp grown in the US. In other words, it is legal and THC-free! On top of that, every batch is tested at a third-party certified laboratory to ensure the highest product quality and safety.

What Are CBD Drinks?

In a nutshell, CBD drinks are refreshing and easy to make beverages infused with CBD, which is a non-intoxicating ingredient that can be extracted from the cannabis plant and has a number of interesting wellness benefits. For example, CBD may promote the skin’s healthy rejuvenation, ease stress, and support focus.

What Are the Benefits of CBD?

CBD is known to have a number of fascinating wellness benefits. Thousands of people use it to take their diets to the next level. Additionally, CBD products are widely available and come in many different forms, so everyone can find something for themselves.

CBD endorses deep, restful sleep, promotes healthy lifestyle, and supports correct immune system function. Furthermore, the FDA has recently approved a CBD-based drug for treating two rare forms of epilepsy, namely Dravet syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome.

CBD Beverages — Pros and Cons

Just like any other product, CBD drinks for sale have both pros and cons. When it comes to the pros, the most obvious one is that they are water-soluble and have excellent bioavailability. For that reason, your body should have no trouble getting the most out of the CBD drinks that you consume. Aside from that, CBD drinks can be easily carried around, prepared, and taken on the go.

On the flip side, CBD drinks can cause a few side effects, particularly when consumed in large amounts. Luckily, the said side effects tend not to be serious. The most common ones include diarrhea, dry mouth, drowsiness, and fatigue. Furthermore, CBD can interact with a number of medications, such as levothyroxine and blood thinners. So, if you take any medication and plan on using products that contain CBD, talk to your doctor about it.

CBD Drinks FAQs

Here are our answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about CBD drinks.

Are CBD Drinks Effective?

CBD often comes in the form of oils, softgels, tinctures, and salves. Still, drinking it is a delicious and discreet way to add to a balanced CBD regimen. Our cbdMD drinks, in particular, should give you the results you need in a timely manner. With the help of nano-encapsulated technology and vitamin C, cbdMD drink mix takes effect in record time, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of CBD easily and efficiently.

How Long Do CBD Drinks Take to Work?

The time that CBD drinks take to work depends on an individual’s genetics, weight, diet, metabolism, and more. For the majority of people, CBD drinks promote wellness benefits rather quickly in comparison to other CBD products. It can take as little as twenty minutes for the CBD to kick in and do its magic!

How Much CBD Drinks Should I Drink?

It all depends on the effect that CBD has on you. It can vary quite a bit between individuals. Some people report that CBD works for them at a really fast rate. As a result, such people also need a smaller serving so as not to overdo it. On the other hand, other people take longer to feel any change and require a bigger serving to enjoy CBD to the fullest.

In other words, CBD drinks for sale will have a slightly different effect on everybody. The only way to discover how much CBD drinks you should drink is by trial and error.

Start by consuming a smaller serving and modify the dosage accordingly until you feel the effects you are after. If you are unsure about the best way forward, consult a healthcare professional.

Can You Safely Exercise After Drinking CBD?

Many people use CBD after workout, as it promotes relaxation and calmness of mind. When paired with exercise, it can cause a general feeling of well-being, also known as the runner’s high. Other than that, CBD can make it easier for you to focus while working out, resulting in mindfulness and better performance.

Are CBD Drinks Legal?

As long as the CBD in the drink is derived from hemp, the said drink is completely legal. The 2018 Farm Bill effectively removed hemp from the Controlled Substances Act. As a result, CBD is legal in all fifty states, with the law varying between different states.

For instance, in South Dakota, a CBD product is legal as long as it has been approved by the FDA. So, before you purchase a CBD drink, check what the law in the state that you live in says regarding CBD, just in case.

Can CBD Drinks Get You High?

No, CBD drinks generally do not cause intoxication. CBD is a completely non-intoxicating compound that does not cause “a high.” Instead, it endorses peacefulness and promotes uplifted mood.

Where Do I Buy CBD Drinks?

The best place to buy CBD drinks for sale is from a reputable online store, such as 4Fathers Organics. Here, you will find high-quality CBD drinks for sale at an affordable price. We offer free three to five business day regular USPS shipping on all domestic orders. So, what are you waiting for? Place an order today!